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Dried Heads 0.5kg 1.1lb

90164 product stars

Dried Heads 0.5kg 1.1lb Summary

Assortment of medium - giant

Perfect for dried arrangements, wreaths potpourri etc. Quality guaranteed.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Pods - Ossi - 06/07/2015
Very good service and the product is awesome! Big ups!

5 product stars
Update! - Teemu - 22/01/2015
Got the shipment today and the quality was excellent as always.

2 product stars
What a shame... - Teemu - 20/01/2015
Ordered and paid over a week ago, but haven't heard anything since. Sent some emails, but nothing. It's a shame because I've made many successful orders over the past year and the quality has been great. If something shows up I'll update the review.

5 product stars
Good Customer Service and Great Product - Alex - 11/11/2014
Having read some of the reviews while browsing the web for a good supplier, I was nervous about ordering, as I'd read some people complain about how long it took, and I'm not very patient when it comes to this kind of thing. I send Jake an email to ask what the waiting time looks like for shipping to another EU country and he replied immediately, and answered a few other questions promptly. The order took just over a week to arrive, and I am thrilled with the pods. Every one seems to be in great shape, and ALL of them are large or giant... My arrangements are now MUCH more enjoyable and I will be a returning customer. THANKS JAKE!

5 product stars
Received! - Amelia - 08/07/2014
So, first of all, it took my order FOUR days from the day I ordered until the day it arrived. If I had ordered a day earlier, I would have gotten it in two, but had to wait the weekend....I had it sent to Illinois, USA, so the speed alone was impressive. Once my order arrived, I was impressed as to quality as well!! There was an assortment of sizes (ranging from just over golf ball size to about softball size) that made beautiful arrangements and the package came in good shape, so nothing was broken. Overall, very impressive product and service! Will be ordering again for future crafting projects!

5 product stars
Haven't received....yet - Amelia - 28/06/2014
So, I haven't actually received my order yet, so I will update as to quality when I do, but I'm so impressed this far that I had to just say so! The service has been exceptionally fast as, of course, I've been watching my package along it's journey. I live in Illinois, USA and my package will arrive to me on Monday, FOUR, yes four days after I placed my order! As far as service, I don't think it could be any better! Way to go!

5 product stars
Excellent service, fast delivery, good quality - Don Bron - 21/05/2014
I have ordered from SeedPlanet before and it took longer than expected to ship but this time I received my order, halfway across the world, in less than two weeks! The packaging was excellent and it was tracked. The quality is great and they will be perfect for my artwork and decorations! Thanks SeedPlanet! I'll be sure to recommend you!

5 product stars
Best order ever,,,,beats snot out of U.S. vendors - Stephen - 19/09/2013
Just got in my order,, total time from purchase to Dallas area delivery not quite 2 weeks I believe, pretty good in my opinion. Most pods are a little bigger than golf-ball up to almost tennis-ball sized with a few smaller ones in the mix. I'll definitely be a return customer,, and soon! Don't know what old Tom down there is talking about but I am for sure impressed. All pods are intact, shipped and received fast, largest pods ever unless ordering 'mammoths" at a "mammoth price". Zero complaints here. Thanks SeedPlanet, see ya soon. :)

4 product stars
Slow as hell but still worth it - pena - 14/09/2013
The new crop is really good quality I have to admit it. But Jake needs to start paying some attention to customer service as the lag is hellish. But they eventually show up for the patient customer, just dont expect them for a while. Hire someone or whatever you have to do but you are unnecessarily harming your own business this way as people are not expecting for close to 1 month wait before the order is shipping. But I still have trust for seedplanet!

5 product stars
Greatest source of all time - Matthew Lattimer - 23/04/2013
I order 1.1 lbs of dried pods, the order was delayed and I sent an email to Kerry. He apologized for the delay and doubled my order. I received my order today and was swimming in pods. What a generous thing to do, I am so appreciative of this deal I cannot put it in words. Thanks so much SeedPlanet, you have earned a life long customer.

5 product stars
Happy Tea Time - Ghanzy Gonzales - 15/02/2013
Thank you so much Seed Planet! I have been decorating my flower arrangements with poppy for some time now and I love it, even now as much as when i first started, decorating. But I have not come across poppies as effective as these pods in years!! As soon as they came to my door I made myself a cup of tea before I started to arrange my flowers. & wow they really look amazing, & I felt great whilst doing it all thanks too seed planet!!!

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